While I was out……

8 Apr

While I was out…
Something happened to TV in Australia…
I haven’t watched TV for yonks.
However, having given Foxtel the flick ( I am, sick of paying taxes when ole Rupe sneaks out of paying any and owes bloody billions!!!) , I have had to consider the Spouse’s viewing entertainment.
Not being a TV geek, I thought I better check whether we could still get free to air tv with the bloody foxtel set top boxes gone.
Well, much to my surprise, I actually managed to connect up the tv and view tv on it.
I went channel surfing just to see if the TV would display all the HD channels.
Funny… there weren’t any! Last time I looked there were mobs of them!
“Bugger it!” I said to Spouse, “It looks like we need a HD tuner to see HD channels.. obviously the bloody Foxtel box was performing this need before.”
The Spouse looked somewhat surprised and expressed doubt at my pronouncement…
So… I googled.
And, I discovered that while I was out, the TV channel bleeders stopped offering HD TV!
Well!! Sux Boo to that!
And I just hate it when the Spouse outgeeks me!
Especially when I have forked out to send him to a geeky Raspberry Pi programming class on Saturday!

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