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5 Mar

At last our PM finally shows some guts
No, I don’t normally post political crap. That;s cuz all pollytishuns are bent, dodgy and self serving – it goes with the job;)
Worrying about same just gives you a headache and scares the horses.
However, a new wave has reared its head in Australia – those bleeding, whinging Poms with their Brexit, started the rot.
The rot aka the Populist Vote, spread to Australia. As we always copy what is the “in” thing in the US, whether it is failed education experiments etc, it must be copied in Australia- long after it has been deemed a failure in the US.

(For an example, I draw your attention to the demise of “phonics” in the 1970’s. “Sounding out words” became ” A Bad Thing”. This led to  a generation of Australians who couldn’t spell or figure out the pronunciation of words via their syllables (Relax, the experts have finally discovered (probably via US education pundits, that phonics was actually cool, so it is back in Aussie schools)

From there the Populist vote  spread to Australia.

Miz Hanson, also called “The Fishwife” because she used to run a fish and chip shop, attracts voters because she talks the average Australian’s language.
Australia, like other nations, has become a bit pissed off with the extremes engendered by the Left Wing. These extremes were illustrated by the swing to banning sexist/anti racial/ etc comment in the 1990’s.
It escalated to folks not daring to say anything which might be construed as sexist as racial etc, as they would be punished by law.
But as what happened in ancient Rome during Christ’s era, it was just all sent underground,
By using punishment and not using EDUCATION to change folks’ minds, the mainstream Australian’s  beliefs festered – boiling and bubbling.

Just like a pressure cooker with a dodgy air vent, which is overloaded, it exploded.

So now The Fishwife has ascended, along with her illogical and incorrect facts.
It now means we are probably going to have a new generation of Australians who have not been taught critical thinking, who think that vaccination is bad and that Putin is a saint

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