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18 Feb

The Woofden was suffering a serious dearth of glasses ( the drinking kind). Somehow after I left to go to Melbourne (to greet a new grand offspring)  and came home again, all drinking glasses bar 2 had mysteriously disappeared.

The Spouse was unable to account for this mysterious loss.


After using the same glass day after day, I emptied my very empty pockets (and purloined the Spouse’s change which he continually empties on the bathroom floor) and proceeded forth to the local Red Dot store.

Red Dot  or the Reject stores cater for the desperate folks who are:

  1. Bankrupt
  2. On social welfare and pension day  is not for another week or
  3. Those in temporary financial straits ie moi


But, you get some great bargains at such stores.


So yesterday, after organizing a new pair of glasses, all the better to see you with (and the price of which will cramp my style with my dentist, cuz I broke my bottom plate and I can’t  explain how I broke it whilst on a cruise of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Although it did involve copious quantities of some imported vino, some bad people who led me totally astray, some Vietnamese spring rolls and a cute puppy.. oh just don’t ask..OK???! So, I can’t afford to get it fixed and I just hope my dentist will do instalments), I popped into the local Red Dot.


Yes!!! I was able to find packs of drinking glasses for a few bucks each!!! Hmm.. I wonder if the store will agree to doing a regular monthly home delivery?


Anyways, while I was there perusing their wondrous and cheap (very important!!) merchandise, I came across one of those spiralizer gadgets.


My friends have been raving about the delights of spiralized veggies.

Not only do spiralized veggies cure 104 forms of cancer and other diseases, but they look cute too!


(Hey! I read this on the Internet 104 times so it must be true!)


Naturally, after their recommendations I got one (It was in the chuckout cheapie bin and it was advertised as “as advertised on TV!!!”, so it must be good!).


Alas the only instructions were on the outside of the bloody box!


Never mind.. I did a google (Google is your friend, folks!!) and found instructions for the exact same model under a different brand name.. hey everything is made in China these days and all brands are the same anyways J


So, I am gonna spiralizer.. summat or other..


Watch this DNA shaped spiral space J


Oops.. what I was going to say at the beginning  is that my doc makes a habit of not eating  his morning tea fruit. It sits there wilting on its plate!


I thought that if it was spriralized it would be more appealing to him.


I am more than happy to spiralizer it for him on a daily basis for a small monetary renumeration (don’t you  just love that word !..oops wait on.. do I mean remuneration ? Never mind, wotever, you get the drift)





“There are two sorts of people – those who can pronounce ‘mischievous’ correctly and those who can’t ” – Woofie – 20/11/15
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