The Golden Shopping Trolley Photography Awards Perth Walk

18 Jan


Yesterday I joined in a photography excursion walking around Perth with other photographers. The object of the exercise is to get shots to enter into the competition.

The other photographers are really serious ones and many are professionals, so I was hopelessly outclassed, however it was really stimulating and fun and I got to chat with a number of others.

One guy who was chatting to me has just come back from a year in Canada and wishes he was still there. He hates our Wozland heat and lack of water and loves Canada. He and I are in total agreement! He spent his year in Calgary and as I have spent a lot of time there too, we were both remembering what a great country Calgary and the rest of Canada is. He is also a lawyer. This was a bit of a concern, because it seems that everywhere I go lately, I bump into lawyers. When you accidentally marry into a family of lawyers and your blood relatives suddenly decide their mission in life is to become lawyers (and they do), you get a bit twitchy 😉

The last walk I went on was in some year in the 20th century (I am NOT going to say what year, as I have my pride and dignity!)-. It was a 50 mile walk at night. The walk encompassed dark and scary areas well south of Sydney. This route followed the footsteps of ancient explores of the Sydney environs. As such, lots of historical ghost sightings sprang up in Australian history. The walk passed though Campbelltown which appears to be well endowed with ghosts.

I was OK with the ghosts, though my hind limbs were complaining most vociferously by then. What I was NOT okay with was other walkers catching up (or catching down, in my case, to be honest) asking me what my political leanings were.

Having replied to him with my usual politically mindless response, reserved for such idjits, he moved on to more accommodating, bleeding, bare political feet and I was left to contemplate my developing blisters (which gave my belly button a rest).

[ Please note that this foot-destroying walk was for some nobly-aspiring charity initiative organised by the Uni of Sydney (my alma wotsit). One would not expect other students to try and recruit you into whatever political party when you are concentrating on the bleeding blisters developing on your hind feet. However, this was the heady wotsit decade ( I am NOT going to say which one!) of the 20th century) where folks were recruiting other folks into all sorts of govt and non govt political enclaves. (No! I am not talking about the Burgess/McLean/etc era. It is way after that! OK?!!!) 

It was also the era when the new ASIO (if you don’t know who ASIO is look it up cuz I am not gonna tell you cuz my roast lamb is about to burn!) recruits spent their lunchtimes sitting over the edge of an embankment along Sydney Harbor, dangling their feet (No, I am NOT going to say where, but they did all look cute wearing their issue dark coloured suits and pathetic detective style black felt hats). During this era everyone was suspect, particularly if they were a uni student. Uni students were even more suspect if they boarded in the homes (innocently in my case.. dammit!!) of people who were on the govt of the day’s hit list. It was the era of spy books and spy movies such as books (and films) by Len Deighton and John le Carre. Artists such as Paul Robeson ( a bit somewhat before my tine!)  and Pete Seegar were blacklisted as undesirables]. It was after Mcarthy, but his effects, ie Mcarthyism, were still resounding].

Yesterday’s walk carried no political overtones. In fact the only overtones were those of protesting hind joints. It ended up at a pub which served me a ginormous shandy, which was truly the nectar of the gods!!

Oh, back to the photo shoot – the theme of the competition is urban landscapes. This is not something I have much experience in ( I prefer nature such as landscapes, macro and people being people with interesting character wrinles (and not plastic filly models, but I digress), so it was good training.


PS, I hope this makes sense as I am trying to cook dinner and I think I have sampled too much of the cooking vino 😉

PPS I still need the attentions of a masseur… yes.. a bloody male one.. OK… it is a pity  being born into an era where hunky (albeit non-functional) eunuchs are not de rigueur. I could do with a few of them  *sigh*

PPPS The lamb smells good 🙂

Click on the images for full size.

Section of the new Perth Arena.

Totally Ridiculous!

Freeway over teh Narrows Bridge

Freeway over the Narrows Bridge

New carpark under construction

New carpark under construction


Ghost Cars

Sunset reflected

Sunset reflected


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