Territory Travails 1

26 Apr

In case I actually ever get round to writing a memoir, I am plonking bits and pieces on here – that is in case anyone actually visits this website *grin*.

There was an item in the news on the 25th April. 2017:


This brings back memories of the Wadeye Creek folks. They were infamous when I lived there – very proud and aggressive warriors. I got posted there in my second year of teaching in the NT. At the end of my first year teaching (No! Actually barely surviving ) in Katherine, I took all my belongings out to Wadeye Creek to be stored until after the Wet.

The Wet season was when everyone, who could, deserted the NT. During the Wet (monsoon season) everything got shut down. Roads were cut for months, which meant no fresh supplies of veggies or fruit, unless they were air freighted in at exorbitant expense. Barcoo Rot ( a form of scurvy) was rampant during this season, so those who could escape Down South did.
In the new year I travelled back to the NT and out to Wadeye Creek:
It was then that I found that:

1. The previous incumbent teacher was a bit a troppo (a form of insanity unique to the tropics) when she told me she nearly stole my saddle (part of my belongings) but changed her mind at the last moment. She was awfully twitchy during this meet and I wondered why the heck she would want to steal my horse stuff, seeing as she had no horse.

2. The living quarters for the teacher comprised of one lonesome caravan.

3. There was no one else out there to run for help if needed. This meant I would be on my own a thousand miles from civilization.

4. The Wadeye Creek dudes had, as said previously, a fearsome and well- deserved reputation. They came into town once a year and beat up all the locals. They would get arrested and arraigned for court the next day, but, before then they would beat up all the locals again. This would repeat itself for about 3 days before the law gave up and encouraged all of them to get on a troop transport type truck and shunted them all back to Wadeye Creek.

Being a wimp, I refused the transfer and ended up a the School of the Air instead..
And NO, I am NOT going to tell you what enticement was given to the Wadeye Creek folks to get them to get on that truck out of town. I am NOT going to tell you because we are still in the age of Political Correctness 😉

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