I am gonna throttle my ex boss!

12 Dec

My ex boss ( he is the ex, because I pulled the plug at work) is known as Kickboxer. Back in the dim, dark, dusty, musty corridors of time, he was into kickboxing, hence the nickname.
Kickboxer has a lovely better half, to whom I will refer as K 🙂 don’t you love my correct grammar!! 🙂

Kickboxer likes doing wild, crazy, dangerous things. This means he has lots of broken bones and so he limps on all fours 😉
Luckily K likes to do wild, crazy, dangerous things as well. So when Kickboxer thought of taking a year off work and riding his bike across the world, K was more than happy to be pillion passenger.

Riding across the world from Ireland to Malaysia involved travelling through the most dangerous part of Northern Pakistan 🙁 It is so dangerous that you have to get special approval and have a police escort. Unfortunately, often the police escort gets ambushed and killed.
Trying to sway Kickboxer from this plan was utterly impossible! He had to use that route because the other, safer route would take too long.

As you can imagine we all sweated when he and K travelled through Pakistan and breathed a collective sigh of relief when they were not ambushed. In fact they recommend folks visit Pakistan, because the populace is really friendly and not like the crap reports we get in the media

Currently they are in Thailand, which I personally reckon is as dodgy a country as Pakistan, but mebbe slightly above Indonesia in dodginess;)

So, when I found out that K had fallen over and broken her wrist (Déjà vu and obviously I am a trendsetter in the broken wrist department ;)), I was rather concerned 🙁 Getting sick or suffering an injury in a 3rd world country is a bit of a worry 🙁 Add to that Kickboxer had to drive her over 200Km to the nearest city which had a hospital.

Then I discovered she had spent 4 days in hospital!! Four days?!!!! Cripes!! In Australia she would be lucky not to be turfed out after the anaesthetic wore off! Bah!

And then….

And then….

And then Kickboxer sent me this Xray pic ….


OK, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or one of the unwashed masses such as self and Spouse, to freak out and see that this is a majorly botched surgery!! 🙁

I have spent two bloody days fretting about this, as it appeared that Kickboxer and K had not realized the serious import of the above Xray 🙁

What could I say? They are not due home till the end of March, but with damage like this it may be too late to fix then 🙁

How could I spoil the trip of a lifetime telling K she needed to get home and it fixed up by a proper, ie Aussie surgeon?
So – two days of fretting and worrying… then I read the email with the X-ray pic again more carefully.

This was NOT K’s x-ray, but a pic of a sticker/decal thingy you can stick on a cast to impress people!!!!

All I can say is that Kickboxer is gonna be my EX ex boss after I throttle him!!!

And you can read his and K’s exploits here:


Or, you can wait till their best seller is published 🙂

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