Foxtel Out! Netflix in!!!

24 Mar

One of the hard things about retiring is cutting down expenses.  Things you have taken for granted, because you have subscribed to them for so long and because you could afford them.

One thing that was costing me a fortune each month was Foxtel. I got Foxtel originally because the Spouse complained there was nothing to watch on TV. A few months later he complained because there was nothing to watch on Foxtel on the package we were orn.

I bit the bullet  and got the max package.

A few months later he complained there was nothing to watch on TV…

I just rolled my eyes, ignored him and got a second Foxtel box so that I could watch what I wanted to watch without him whining about there is nothing to watch on TV.

Today I kissed it all goodbye!!

It was not easy, folks!

Getting removed from Foxtel is a bit like trying to cut the bloody umbilical cord while the baby is still in the womb. The baby (in this case, Foxtel) protests and keeps kicking and screaming in protest and showering you with enticements to stay.

You just have to be firm, folks and remember that Foxtel is owned by that embarrassing Aussie reject called Rupe (we sent him to the US to get rid of the bleeder, but he keeps popping up like the proverbial bad penny). The US has never forgiven us for that and has retaliated by lowering the value of our dollar.

But I did it!!
Instead I signed up with Netflix for 12 bux a month instead 159 bux a month for bloody Foxtel.
And the other good thing is that our ISP doesn’t charge for Netflix downloads!!
Unlike you US folks, bandwidth really costs us Aussies and there is no way I could afford to download movies etc from anywhere else without very quickly running out of a monthly allowance of gigs.

Ironically Telstra, our main comms company in Australia rang me today asking if they could sign me up with their broadband offering.
I sniggered and said, “I don’t thnk so.”

The Telstra dude checked my address and said .. “Oh.. I see – we can only offer you satellite service where you live.”
“I know, “ I said, “And satellite is exhorbitant..”
“But NBN Is coming soon,” he pipes up.
“Yeah, but not in my lifetime,” I replied.
He then checked and said … “Oh.. there are no plans for you to be connected to NBN..”
I mentally rolled my eyes.
Telstra is (was) our gov comms provider and they owned and installed all the comms infrastructure in Australia. However, although other independent ISPs can rent Telstra’s aging and decrepit copper infrastructure and offer a primitive form of broadband, Telstra refuses to offer broadband on it, because it is aging and decrepit.
Anyway.. stop distracting me… I am watching Orange is the New Black..Shhhh!!

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