Becoming Bionic

4 May

It’s been a while since I blogged. During that time I have become more of a bionic filly, although, unlike that hit bionic female of the 70’s TV series, I have just become more scruffy.

It started off with a fortune in platinum shoved in my brain box. This was to stop my brain box filling up with blood. Eventually this created an empty hole in my cranium, but I doubt that any any grey matter was created to fill the void 😉

Then it became fashionable to have your bum stapled to your backbone. Having always been on the bleeding edge of technology it was a done thing that I would opt for this new medical fashion.

Oh wait….

This is not like stomach stapling to lose weight ( though I could do with that too due to some medical side effects). This stapling is to hold a wifi device connected to electronic cables poked up your backbone,

This wifi device, besides sending electric charges to bamboozle your brain so that it no longer signals pain in your back, also is tuned into your favorite radio station – well some of them, that is – I can;t get mine to tune into ABC Radio Classic FM. The other advantage is that this gadget stops your bum cheeks from slipping down to your ankles:)

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