The Spiral Wotsit

18 Feb
The Woofden was suffering a serious dearth of glasses ( the drinking kind). Somehow after I left to go to Melbourne (to greet a new grand offspring)  and came home again, all drinking glasses bar 2 had mysteriously disappeared. The ... Read more »

My Fishing Adventures

4 Jan
Folks, .In Australia, we do not have to invent tall stories about fishing, such as the catfish that swam away with a whole wharf with boats attached. All our stories are true! Consider my first fishing adventure. My parents and ... Read more »

While I was out……

8 Apr
While I was out… Something happened to TV in Australia… I haven’t watched TV for yonks. However, having given Foxtel the flick ( I am, sick of paying taxes when ole Rupe sneaks out of paying any and owes bloody ... Read more »

My Kingdom for a New Eyeball!

23 Mar
I am rather one-eyed – mentally and physically… ———————————————————- A couple of weeks ago I went to the local optician to get some new glasses, cuz my current ones are not doing the job any more. The optician dude checked ... Read more »

Melaka Muddley – Part 3

21 Mar
Melaka is a hodgepodge of old and new and a multitude of cultures and nationalities. It’s a real con-fusion of muddled oddities. In fact you could say it is Malaysia’s answer to the Wozland port of Fremantle. They both share ... Read more »