Another Side of Blindness

3 Aug
Well, I don’t know if this can be excused by blindness, but it looks a good excuse…OK!!!Since that nasty germ raised its ugly proboscis, we have been ordering our weekly food online. When ordering sliced, cooked meats, the magic number ... Read more »

Becoming Bionic

4 May
It’s been a while since I blogged. During that time I have become more of a bionic filly, although, unlike that hit bionic female of the 70’s TV series, I have just become more scruffy. It started off with a ... Read more »

They walk among us….

5 Mar
At last our PM finally shows some guts No, I don’t normally post political crap. That;s cuz all pollytishuns are bent, dodgy and self serving – it goes with the job;) Worrying about same just gives you a headache and ... Read more »

Speaking of Floods

12 Feb
The whole of Western Australia is flooded. There are always floods in the Northern half of WA at this time of the year, as it lies in the tropics and it is the monsoon season. However, the floods up north ... Read more »

An Upended Day

26 Jan
This morning was one of those “death warmed up” mornings. Yesterday our club had their annual Christmas party. As usual it was a fun event, due to the camaraderie. A happy hour of free drinks, as part of the celebrations, ... Read more »