They walk among us….

5 Mar
At last our PM finally shows some guts No, I don’t normally post political crap. That;s cuz all pollytishuns are bent, dodgy and self serving – it goes with the job;) Worrying about same just gives you a headache and ... Read more »

An Upended Day

26 Jan
This morning was one of those “death warmed up” mornings. Yesterday our club had their annual Christmas party. As usual it was a fun event, due to the camaraderie. A happy hour of free drinks, as part of the celebrations, ... Read more »

The Spiral Wotsit

18 Feb
The Woofden was suffering a serious dearth of glasses ( the drinking kind). Somehow after I left to go to Melbourne (to greet a new grand offspring)  and came home again, all drinking glasses bar 2 had mysteriously disappeared. The ... Read more »

My Fishing Adventures

4 Jan
Folks, .In Australia, we do not have to invent tall stories about fishing, such as the catfish that swam away with a whole wharf with boats attached. All our stories are true! Consider my first fishing adventure. My parents and ... Read more »